How To Putt Like a Tour Pro


🚨Follow this tip for more consistent putting!🚨

We see too many golfers breaking their wrists, moving their heads, and having an unstable lower body. All these things lead to poor contact, speed, and start line.

Try this drill to tackle all things at once!

Stand up straight with your arms and clubs straight out. Bring your elbows into your rib cage. Rock the arms and shoulder side to side. Many players like to feel their lat muscles controlling this movement. The forearms and wrists should not be rotating or bending! This is the exact motion you want to be feeling in the stroke. No head movement and no lower body sway.

With the elbows on the rib cage, hinge your pelvis down into golf posture. This the easiest to get into a neutral square setup. Rocks the shoulders just like the drill and make more putts!

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