About Us

My name is Paul Park and I am a professional golfer. Like any golfer at any level, we all strive to be better. We get lessons and take videos to analyze our golf swings. Tired of trying to record myself only to find my phone had fallen to the bottom of my bag, I turned to plastic clamps. After spending years using those, I found them too unstable in the wind and easily breakable. I wanted to create a solution for this so I made my own phone holder. The GPOD makes it much easier to attach and detach my phone to analyze my swing. It has a cradle free design that allows easy one handed use. As we already have 14 clubs, golf balls, tees, and other gear in our bags, we figured the last thing we all need is more weight! So, we designed the GPOD with a super light yet strong carbon fiber body to give our backs a break. With a pointed end, it easily inserts into the ground making it much more stable in the wind. No matter how strong the wind is blowing, the camera never shakes or falls off. Many people came up to me asking where they could purchase one, but I didn't have an answer until now. Years of development later, I have manufactured these GPODs for sale. I hope they provide the same sort of convenience it has offered me so golfers of all levels can improve their game. Please follow and tag us your swings @gpodgolf!