How To Hit Wedges Like a Tour Pro

Want to lower your scores? Learn to "flight" your wedges; flight, meaning, lowering the ball flight of your wedges. Flighting them will help control distance and spin, giving you closer looks on the greens. 

Tour pros rarely hit FULL wedge shots. Hitting a lob wedge 110yds isn't going to make you shoot lower scores. Being able to hit multiple clubs exactly 110yds while controlling spin will lower your scores. 

Follow these simple keys to hit better wedge shots:

-Setup with a narrow stance with the ball position in the middle.
-Club up and practice hitting 3/4 shots. 
-Own two distances with each wedge and adjust from these two stock distances on the course.

Remember! Being pin high on a consistent basis will help you lower your handicap more than hitting it straight. So, focus on distance control next time you're on the range!


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