How To Set Up Perfectly Every Time

Set up like the professionals every time with this one drill!

1. Stand up straight with your arms and club straight out in front of you, club parallel to the ground.

2. Keeping the structure of the club and the arms, hinge down from the hips until the club touches the ground.

3. Add slight knee flex. 

If you draw a straight line from the top of your spine, the line should touch the tip of the elbows, top of the knees, and the balls of your feet. A balanced setup is vital for a well-balanced golf swing.

When a player is standing too far or two close from the ball, the body is forced to compensate on the way down to regain balance. This can lead to shanks, pulls, pushes, tops, chunks, hooks, and slices! 

Adding too much knee flex also changes the orientation how the pelvis sits, which can lead to early extension in the downswing as well. Setup is the easiest thing to fix as you are stationary! Work on that well balanced and neutral setup. This will lead to less compensations, help create more consistent swings, and help lower your scores.


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