How To Hit It Farther Without Swinging Faster!


Do you feel like no matter what you do, you cannot hit it farther? Does it feel like you're swinging faster than your friends, but your ball is just not flying as far as theirs? We have a simple drill that you can do to optimize your driving distance!

We see too many players swing down on their driver like an iron shot. When you hit down on a driver the launch angle, spin, total height, carry distance, and dispersion can be negatively affected! Golfers with smaller builds like Justin Thomas and Rory Mcilroy are able to hit it so far, because they hit up on the ball. Hitting up on the ball optimizes launch, spin, and carry distance numbers. Try this simple drill to maximize your distance without having to go to the gym!

Tee up a golf ball. Take a headcover or an empty box of golf balls and place it a grips length in front of the golf ball you teed up. The goal is to hit the golf ball without hitting your headcover or box. Hit a few drivers at a slower pace to get a feel for it and ramp up the speed incrementally. When you start to consistently hit the ball without hitting the object in front of the ball, tee a ball up and hit without the object there. You will begin to notice the ball launching higher with less spin. For the professional in the video, swinging up on it at the same swing speed increased his carry distance by 15 yards!

There are a few other things that can promote a positive angle of attack. At setup, you can tee the ball up a little higher and add a little more trail side bend at address. In the downswing, we really like the sensation off pushing off our lead leg as hard as possible. If you visualize a scale underneath your lead foot, the goal would be to tip the max weight on that scale in the downswing. Some players describe this sensation like they are jumping off of the ground!

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