How To Hit Bunker Shots Like The Pros

🚨Only Bunker Drill You Need🚨

Do you want to learn how to control spin out of the bunker? Practice your low point control.

Draw a line in the sand and practice bottoming the club out on the line, not behind it and not in front of it.

The amount of spin you put on the ball is determined by where the club enters the sand. The closer you hit behind the ball, the more it will spin. Remember, high spin doesn't always equate to better bunker shots! It's important to assess your lie, how far the shot is, how much green you have to work with, and how high the lip is. 

4” behind the ball: least amount of spin. Great for when you have a lot of green to work with or bad lies where you can pop the ball out of the bunker and let it roll out.

2-3” behind the ball: medium spin. There is an initial check then roll out but not as much as above.

1.5” behind: high spin. Our go-to. It’s especially effective when you’re short sided and need to pop the ball up high with a lot of spin.

0.5” behind the ball: when you feel especially dialed in and want to see the ball stop on a dime or even spin back! It's very important that the lie is good for this shot. Trying to hit right behind the ball when the ball is sitting down can lead to skulls/thinned shots into the lip or over the green.

Practice this with multiple wedges and see how the ball reacts on the greens. This drill will help you control your low point and the amount of spin you put on the ball. Take full control over your bunker game and make some birdies!

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